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Welcome to Seoul International Forum on Peace and Fair & Sustainable Tourism 2019!
Joint hosted by Seoul Metropolitan City and UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), this international forum will open a venue for discussions about peace and fair tourism as a means of delivering on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) global agenda.

Tourism acts as a catalyst for peace, which in turn creates an inclusive foundation that is conducive for sustainable growth. As the capital of the world’s last remaining divided country, Seoul recognizes the fact that peace trumps all else. Tourism has much to offer in establishing peace, which will become the stepping stone for peace economy to flourish on the Korean peninsula.

This time around we plan to expand the scope of our discussions from peace tourism to fair tourism. Conflicts between relevant parties regarding tourism and the resulting fallout hampers our efforts towards achieving sustainable growth.

It is imperative that we find a way for tourists, residents, travel agencies, the environment, future generations, and all agents and elements with a stake in the tourism industry to enjoy mutual growth and prosperity. Against this backdrop, Seoul Metropolitan City has been hosting the Seoul International Fair and Sustainable Tourism Forum since 2016 in an effort to address these challenges.

Seoul International Forum on Peace and Fair & Sustainable Tourism 2019, which will run from September 17th through 19th, represents a global network of people striving to build a “peace economy and inclusive growth” through tourism and serves as a “knowledge platform” through which we can begin to open a new chapter for tourism in line with the changes of time.

We sincerely look forward to seeing you at the forum. Thank you.
Chulwon KIM
Chair of the Organizing Committee of Seoul International Forum on
Peace and Fair & Sustainable Tourism 2019